BioHorizons offers nine comprehensive dental implant lines, covering virtually every surgical and prosthetic indication or clinician preference. 

Tapered Plus implant.

The Tapered Plus dental implant system offers all the great benefits of BioHorizons highly successful Tapered Internal system PLUS it features a Laser-Lok treated beveled-collar for bone and soft tissue attachment and platform switching designed for increased soft tissue volume.         

tapered internal implant system

BioHorizons Tapered Internal Dental Implants with Laser-Lok microchannels
Tapered Internal dental implants provide excellent primary stability, maximum bone maintenance and soft tissue attachment for optimal esthetics. The Tapered Internal implant achieves these benefits from its anatomically tapered dental implant body, aggressive buttress threads and advanced Laser-Lok surface technology. The deep 1.5mm internal hex connection with a lead-in tapered bevel create a rigid connection and a stable biologic seal.

3.0mm Tapered internal implant

The Tapered Internal 3.0 dental implant system offers all the great benefits of BioHorizons highly successful Laser-Lok 3.0 dental implant but features a buttress thread on an anatomically tapered body with a Laser-Lok treated collar for bone and soft tissue attachment.          

Internal implant.

Internal dental implants provide maximum surface area through the use of its parallel-walled body and square thread design. It also is available with Laser-Lok microchannels to create a physical, connective tissue attachment and long-term crestal bone maintenance.

External implant

The External dental implant, originally known as the Maestro, has performed successfully in every published study since its launch in 1997. The External implant has survival rates from 98.5% to 100% in studies of up to 1,400 implants and a follow up of 10 years. It has also been shown to achieve bone-to-implant contact levels of 80.6%. Clinicians confidently rely on the External implant to achieve consistent, reproducible results necessary to build a successful implantology practice.

Single stage implant.

Unlike similar “soft-tissue level” implant designs, the Single-stage dental implant features the BioHorizons power thread with maximum surface area to support the high occlusal forces often seen in the posterior. This gives dentists confidence that their placements will remain secure long-term even with limited ridge height and in softer bone.